I have found a new program that may be of help to some people. In my case i do alot of my study at work on their computers in my down time (I am a 3rd shift emergency dispatcher).

The program is called BPBible Portable. It is a electronic Bible with commentaries and Dictionaries similiar to E-Sword, however it is installable on a jump drive and once installed it will run from any computer you plug it into. I can work on something here, save it and pull my jump drive, go to work and pick back up where I left off. The nice thing is that the computer I am plugging this into does not have to have any of these programs on them! They run off of the jump drive.

Here is the link. Download and save the program and then install it on a flash drive.

Here is the link for the add on bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and extra books (like Josephous's complete works). Download them and save them, then open the portable bible and drag the saved zip onto the portable bible screen and it will install it

While I am at it, I also have Portable apps installed on my flash drive. It comes with a portable version of open office software including word and impress (powerpoint). It also has its own browser so that I can access my saved favorites from my jumpdrive. I use it for the office software mainly but it has some other stuff as well. Once again download and install on a jump drive.