In your hands, at your mercy was i laid
from the moment of my birth
And you being a king, and your kingdom
being the earth
Like a shining knight in your palace, i
grew loyal through the years
And i bowed my head to your glory, and
drank from the cup of your joy and fears

I learned to love my king who was so wise
and fair
Did you no wrong, your servant was i
through moments of trial and despair
You pronounced me prince and made me
head of your castle bright
Down the corridors did i shine, like your
angel of light

One day i rode off, down the fields of the land,
behold, stood before me a fair maiden, whom
caught my eye, as i so pleaded for her hand
Aware i became of the warm summer's windy
breeze, as it rustled gently amidst the grass
and green trees
Saw the clouds above me, her beautiful face
soon brought me down to my knees

I cried to the stars at night, and in wonder
looked to the heavens above
Through the autumn i walked into passages
and visions of its love
In the winter the snow fell on the earth,
covering the ground in a blanket of white
And i beheld what was real, and before me
appeared the appearance of light

Looking through reflections of the day
Strolling fancily down its paths where
it unfolds into the evening's way
It felt like being part of the air, fleeing on the
wings of time, nothing was strange to me
And only time knew, that i had found the
secret of being free

The day passed quickly, as i returned to
perform my duties, granted for my king
When i looked into his eyes, i beheld that
something in him was changing
He did age as though time was upon himself, his
heart was full of hatred and rage, ranting madly
in his chambers all around
Traces of life vanished from before him,
his love was nevermore to be found

He led me to his outer chambers, where laid
the desolations and emptiness of life
He showed me a man on a barren dismal mountain,
weeping and gnashing in fear and strife
He was saying these words, ''you must worship
me, lest i take my kinship from thee''
And i hearing him, saw torment and bondage
flash before me

He began mocking my lack of freedom, as he
danced in his lake of fire
And he possessing my soul was the ultimatum
of desire
For he knew, of the fear within me, and that i
had found the secret doorway of the free
But going through this door must i endure the
fear of being able to see

Being able to see, you are brought into the
awareness of the living
And you''ll find yourself in a ship sailing out to sea,
during a storm, shipwrecked and sinking
You would call out for miles on miles, from
horizon to horizon with no one hearing
Alone you must find strength and defeat death,
and enter into the light of being

You would find yourself then, laying calmly
and freely upon the fields
Thus did you earn your reward, a kingly armour
and shield
Walking through the garden, you would find your
fair maiden softly singing
''Angel, my love for you, the lamp is still burning''