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Thread: Do you write/record music? Share it here.

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    Re: Do you write/record music? Share it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeekFirstTheKingdom View Post
    Because He lives

    Praise the LORD

    Good oldy about Stephen the martyr - I see Jesus
    I like the last one. We are singing in chorus at the college, and I have a dilemma now what to focus on, learning process, writings, reviews, or improvement of vocal ....
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    Re: Do you write/record music? Share it here.

    Now I'm working in the experimental genre and I'm going to place my release on Bandcamp. But I also like to write lyrics, as well as short stories or essays in compare and contrast type that can be found here Of course, there is still something to work in terms of lyrics, but there are already good results.

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    Re: Do you write/record music? Share it here.

    I was in a Christian heavy metal band for about 4 years that did mostly original material. So Iíve contributed writing to several songs.

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