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So, why would a person who says they are "like-Christ" recognize (meaning support) same-sex marriage?
I don't recall saying that I am "like-Christ" although I do strive to be more like Christ. Anyway I recognize same-sex marriage as a legal status in the US because it is the law in the US. In the United States our freedom to worship and practice in accordance with our Christian beliefs is protected under the law, just as the practices of Non-Christians is legally protected. I have and will continue to stand and fight for this tenant of American life & society because I like having the freedom to pursue Christ. I see the opportunity in this paradigm as even though this freedom means that people can legally make other choices and follow other paths it also allots Christians the ability to freely inform and invite those others to follow the path that Christ has established through his sacrifice.

Do you believe that it should be illegal in the United States to practice non-Christian religions?