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Thread: Hi I am new here

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    Hi I am new here

    I am a mother of 2(two) boys. I have a very busy schedule everyday. I have been married for 16 years but these last 8, I have lived like a single mom.

    My husband has not work for the last 8 years of our marriage.
    When I was pregnant with my second child he had an affair with his ex girlfriend.

    I stayed on the marriage because he had decide to "end " his relationship with his ex.

    Having said that, it has been 8 years ...8 years that he has not contribute to the family..

    I am so tired...

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    Re: Hi I am new here

    I hope you will be refreshed in the Lord. Welcome here!

    Striving to apprehend that for which I have been apprehended in Christ Jesus.

    מרן אתא

    Walk in the Light!
    התהלכו באור

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    Re: Hi I am new here

    Welcome to the forum.

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