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Thread: Spanish speaking relatives?

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    Spanish speaking relatives?

    OK, here is a quick question...Is it rude for two members of a family to speak Spanish back and forth to each other in the midst of a bunch of other family members who can not speak Spanish? Here is the situation - My brother-in-law (who is married to my sister) speaks fluent Spanish as does his daughter (my niece). When at family functions, there are times that the two of them will break out talking in Spanish to each to other. It makes the rest of the family uncomfortable because we all wonder if they are talking about us (my brother-in-law has a history of making fun of some of the family). My mother especially thinks this is rude. She is always saying "Well, I guess they have a few things to say about us and can't wait until they get home." How should the family handle this behavior? Do you all consider it rude?

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    Re: Spanish speaking relatives?

    Unless you have reason to believe there is something amiss don't just assume it is. Be happy that your B in Law has taught your niece. My wife and her siblings are Mexican but their parents did not teach them the language and they have all wished they we bilingual. Of course you can work on your Spanish. I speak it better than my wife.

    Hopes this helps

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    Re: Spanish speaking relatives?

    If you have experience with him being rude then I think it's fair enough for you to speak with him about it. Who wants that kind of unspoken conflict? How does he react to your mother's comments? Iron things out before things get out of hand or someone blows their top because they can't take it anymore.
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    Re: Spanish speaking relatives?


    How is this any different than people speaking in ANY OTHER non-English language?

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    Re: Spanish speaking relatives?

    Quote Originally Posted by gringo300 View Post

    How is this any different than people speaking in ANY OTHER non-English language?
    I got the impression that the issue was two people talking in a language nobody else could understand, rather than it being specifically related to the language being Spanish.

    For what it's worth I think it's rude to talk within the group in a way that excludes most of the group. Of course the rest of you could learn Spanish, it's just a shame they feel the need to speak in a way that excludes you. Personally I'd be tempted to learn Spanish and not tell them, so they don't know you can understand them. Then maybe if it does turn out they are making unpleasant comments about people present you could reply, in Spanish, something like "I'm sorry you feel that way".

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    Re: Spanish speaking relatives?

    Sorry about that I know how it feels. When I was at home , so many years ago !
    I remember my parents speaking in a different language , and I felt left out....
    Now I understand back then it was easier for them , because the English was harder for them to talk .
    Later in life they spoke more English...... So may be for you ? ???
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