There are two stories in Daniel's prophecies regarding a time that was only a few hundred years in his future, but it also implicated many things that would be far into the future, and dividing the two is essential to understanding either of them. After that is done there is yet another division even as far as these end times are concerned, one speaking of an Earthly 'Indignation" (Or Righteous anger) time era that ends with a 3.5 year Tribulation era, then a moment of silence then the last Era known as the Consummation that will usher in the Groom to collect His Bride who has made herself ready.

The first of the two Books was explained to Daniel over a period of several years until he eventually understood it, and therefore 'he' could shut up the words just like the Messenger was asking him in Dan 12:4. "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." So this beckons the question, why would the Man in Linen (Jesus) tell Daniel to "Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end",in verse 9 if Daniel himself was the one who sealed it up? Answer; the book Jesus was holding in His hand was the sealed book we call Revelation, beginning in chapter 6 that only the Lamb Himself was able to open. Those To separate eras are reflected at the opening of the two books mentioned in Daniel 7:10 and they are also at the beginning of John's end times Revelation beginning in chapter 6 as the 7 seals were being unsealed. Then the second book that becomes opened at the beginning of Rev ch 8 reveals the second book in Daniel 10 and 12,7 that Daniel knew nothing about because it was never revealed to him.
The 4 Beasts and their Kings of Daniel chapter 7 are the same as the 4 horses and their Riders of the Apocalypse in Revelation chapter 6;

Everything in Daniel chapter 7 is repeated all over again in Revelation beginning at chapter 6 and the story that follows in both cases are speaking of the same events as well. Only difference is in Revelation we are now looking at a progression of the many stories that were gleaned from Daniel. Add this with the 7 attributes from Dan ch's 9 and 11 and 7 from chapter 10 and 12 but only when they are fused back into the two chapters they originally were. Here is another comparison on the two that i made just the other day, but it kind of a rough outline and isn't quite complete yet. Still trying to figure out how do do a graph on it :-)

The 7 Attributes of Daniel (the first 'Indignation' Book)

7 Attributes Attributes of Daniel (second 'Consummation' book)

Guys, this is why the Restoration is sooo critically important because it separates or 'rightfully divide's' the two era's instead of seeing it as just one intermixed, elongated story. Anyway, this should give yaw plenty to chew on and i'm very interested in hearing your take on the matter rather it be for good or ill. Everything on this thread are my own conclusions based on a visit from the Holy Spirit telling me to 'read those chapters where your hand is placed', ad it was resting on chapter 8 where Daniel actually became the actual Author of things.
Anyway, as you can see, many many subtle changes happen when the last four chapters in Daniel are placed back together in their rightful order, (9/11,10/12) but in the end when reality sets in, this changes the very foundation to which all end times Biblical prophecy is based, because it is the Starting point to everything written thereafter on the subject/s.
God bless you guys and may you each have a glorious wonderful day and may Jesus be our ultimate guide on everything, Amen?