Our brothers and sisters in northern China have suffered a double injustice: their church is being pulled down and they were beaten up when they protested about it.

Several Christians needed hospital treatment after hired thugs attacked them for resisting the demolition of Fuxing Church property in Hebei province.

Please pray for our family in Fuxing Church, especially those seriously injured in the attack.

An elder of Fuxing Church, which is officially registered, said the church had been open to officials’ original proposal that it should relocate and sell its land to property developers. But the amount of compensation offered was a fraction of its building’s worth – so the church had refused to sign a deal.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials have refused urgently needed medical treatment to our sister, Huang Yan – apparently because of her involvement with leading Christians and human rights activists.

Huang Yan, who has helped many prisoners of conscience, suffered miscarriages on both occasions when officials beat her up, in 2010 and 2012. She was also imprisoned on falsified charges in 2015, during which time she was shackled. She is now in a safe, undisclosed place, awaiting treatment. Our partner, China Aid, is currently taking emergency donations on her behalf.

And in northern-western Xinjiang province, Christian Ma Huichao has just received a three-year sentence simply for holding a Bible study.
  • Please pray for justice for members of Fuxing Church as they fight off what amounts to an attempt to rob them and leave them without a home.
  • Lift Huang Yan to God and pray that she receives the treatment she needs. Thank Him for her courage and perseverance.
  • Pray that Ma Huichao will be able to continue her Bible studies in prison and bring many others to Christ.

(Source: China Aid)
Please forward this to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too.

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