Why it is important, not to let your web address go unpaid.

I went into my control panel today to check my e-mail. One mail said I had a broken link. So I opened it and read. The person who sent it to me was informing me that the link I was using was a p*rn site. You see, the link was a creation site that had some good pics on Noah's Flood. I had it in my Noah's flood section. Of course it is now deleted.

I was told that this happens, but had never seen it for myself. I was also told that if I ever gave up my site, to always hold on to the addresses so the p*rn people can't get it. They love to currupt children of God, which is just sick. Because I know some children had to see this, because I get a few that visit my site on a regular bases.

If you happen to have this address saved to your favorites, or on your site. You might want to delete it. dinosaursandcreation.com