The context of Jeremiah 13:15-21 and Jeremiah 14:1-22, is entirely end times prophecy. Ancient people and events are mentioned as history.
Jeremiah 14:16b says the Lord will pour down upon Judah the disaster they deserve. Not happened yet; but many prophecies tell us that the Lord will send fire to destroy that sinful people. Amos 2:4-5

Walls confuses Judah with Israel. They have been 2 nations, 2 peoples since they separated after Solomon's time. Their final rejoining as per Ezekiel 37, obviously has not taken place yet; the Spiritual blessings remain unfulfilled. Now, after 2,700 + years, it is we Christians who are deemed to be Jacobs descendants. It may be that you or I are an actual descendant, but either way; actual or spiritual, becoming Christian - we are the Lord's Overcomers, His Victorious ones, literally His Israelites.
The faithful Israelites will surely go to live in all of the holy Land. There will be no unclean person there, only the Redeemed of the Lord will go there. Isaiah 35:8-10 Jews and Gentiles, all the true Israel of God.

God has not turned His Face from anyone. EVERY person has the offer of Salvation thru Jesus. Some Jews have and they will be saved. Most haven't and they will die in their sins, as Jesus makes perfectly clear: Luke 19:27, John 8:42-47....your father is the are not God's children Revelation 2:9 The Jews belong to the synagogue of Satan.....

Those who want Judah, the Jews to be redeemed, an idea that is contrary to scripture, usually do so because they have fallen for the 'rapture to heaven' false teaching. This then, compounds their error.
Scripture plainly states that those Redeemed by the Lord, are His faithful people from every tribe, race, nation and language. We know this requires a conversion to Christianity, belief, repentance, keeping the Commandments and doing the works such as our capabilities allow.