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Thread: Hello, I'm here to start seeking the path Jesus wanted me on..

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    Hello, I'm here to start seeking the path Jesus wanted me on..

    This is my first post, so I do hope Im in the right area to post.

    I was saved as a child. I had a loving mother, but things happened that led to me being raised in a Christian family's home from 5yrs old, to 12yrs old. I sometimes wonder if it was part of Jesus's plan, to place me where I'd eventually come into contact with a kind pastor that was blessed with the gift of prophesy, and even he didn't know it until the day it happened. Shortly after receiving this prophesy, things just kind of worked out where my mom was stable enough to bring me back home to live with her..

    I couldn't believe what Pastor Emory said, so I just forgot about it until around 25 years later, when going over my life and realizing EVERY thing he said God told him to warn me about, has since come to pass 1000%!

    Pastor Emery didn't have a church until he felt called by God to start one, so he spent every penny that he had to purchase a corner liquor store, and close it down to remodel into a church. He didn't have the funds for remodeling it, after the purchase was complete, so it got put on hold.

    Maryanne, the lady I lived with, at the same time felt called by God to find a church she felt was truer to the way Jesus intended. She met Pastor Emery through a mutual friend, and it just so turned out she had the solution to his problem, her husband ran two Carpenters' Crews, as a subcontractor, and had a lot of leftover lumber from previous jobs, so the church was properly remodeled, and opened for service.

    With such a small congregation at the beginning, Pastor Emory was able to walk around and pray for each one of us individually at the end of service.

    Nothing unusual happened until he got to me, the moment he placed his hand on my forehead as he began praying, he was abruptly silenced. About a minute later when he opened his eyes I could see they were filled with awestruck tears, and he was still too choked up to speak until another minute or so had passed.

    He said God spoke to him to moment he started praying for me, and placed his hand on my forehead. He said God wanted me to be warned that in my lifetime I would see the world turn to Dark Times, although he didn't say "the end times", Im convinced that's exactly what was meant.

    He said God also wanted to warn me that He had plans for my life, and because of those plans, Satan would come directly against me in two ways.

    The first thing he said was that I would know severe hardships, and at times, what would feel like unending pain and suffering. This would be to anger me, causing me despair, and resentment towards God.

    The second morning, was that I would know unending temptation.

    Since the age of 18, right as I was getting ready to take on the world, I began bleeding internally, and was diagnosed with Crohns Disease, a very painful disease, but one that modern medicine can keep under control nowadays,..for every Crohns patient except me, it seems.

    My Crohn's disease is so aggressive, and comes with such rare types of flare-ups, that literally none of my doctors have ever seen in their careers. After multiple surgeries, and attempts at surgeries to better me, leaving me filled with scar tissue, and doctors scratching their heads, I was accepted as an out of state patient at John Hopkins in Baltimore. My hopes were soon dashed as even they finally admitted there's nothing they can do to help me.

    The severity of my condition at times, has already amazed doctors that I'm somehow still alive. In 2007, my weight dropped down to 97 pounds. I was 28years old at the time. Standing at 6 feet tall, a young guy should not be that small, it starts taking a toll on organs, them having to work harder, with less fuel, from malnourishment. That alone was enuff to kill me.
    At the same time, I developed a medicine resistant infection that's killed otherwise PERFECTLY healthy people, MRSA. Then I developed a second, equally deadly infection called V.R.E.
    Treating my Crohn's at that time, would have been like throwing fuel on a fire, regarding my infections, cuz the only way to try stopping the Crohns from getting any worse, was to give me allot of medicine that would wipe my immune system out..
    Treating the infections at the time, would have been like throwing fuel on the fire regarding my Crohns disease, because in light of the infections' resistance to medicine, doing anything to boost my immune system in hopes of fighting off the infections, would have worsened the Crohns.

    Between my 5 different Specialists (Gastroenterologist, Colorectal surgeon, Infectious disease, Orthopedic, & Internal medicine), and each of their small team of learning doctors, I had apprx. 15 doctors on a team, that eventually decided I couldn't survive, because their hands were tied. They gave me TONS of pain meds to keep me from suffering anymore agony, and I was told I had 3 months to live, tops.

    That's Alot of smart people, and yet a calm came over me after prayer. I prayed, and the entire church that was helping us rebuild a new home after Hurricane Katrina, also prayed. After all the prayers, Jesus took over, in the sense that He comforted me with the knowledge that I wasn't going to die.

    My nurses & doctors were confused at how unconcerned I was.

    On the first morning of the beginning of the third month, like celestial clockwork, death did come looking for me.
    My temperature shot up in one hour, from normal, to 105.3 degrees. My body was convulsing, and my blood sugar for whatever reason, plummeted to the 50's. All this happened in my sleep.

    Instead of laying there dying, I was abruptly awake, and found the strength from God to get myself up out of bed in that condition.
    I leaned against the wall for support, and stayed there, refusing to lay down and die.

    I obviously survived.

    All of this is only a fraction of what I've been thru, including actually dying once, in 2004. I won't get into that much, other than to say I found FIRSTHAND, it's not as easy as fake & weak Christians think, to get into heaven.

    I was a kind person, and would give anyone the shirt off by back if they needed it, and yet I almost ended up in hell that night, had my begging Jesus to help me, not worked.

    There's exponentially more to my story, easily fulfilling the prophesy of pain & suffering.

    As for the other warning, if you looked at my dating life, if it can even be called that, was so extreme in numbers, that you'd think I was a rich, successful Rockstar, and a male model..

    Even when I'd try to avoid the dating/hook up scenes, somehow women still "just happened", hitting me up after seeing my photo online.

    I was finally convinced that Pastor Emory' really did hear from God, to prophesy to me, cuz everything he said God warned me about.., including the world heading into dark, troubled times.

    Now all that's left is figuring out how I could be of ANY USE to God. After all the times I failed to listen, going out in the world, doing what I wanted, instead of what Jesus wanted,..all the drugs, sleeping with every beautiful girl I met, that had any interest in me, ..I'm still amazed Jesus was willing to forgive me, and save me from certain death, on more than one occasion..

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    Re: Hello, I'm here to start seeking the path Jesus wanted me on..

    Hi, I'm really new to this site and your thread was the first one I clicked on and your post really spoke to me.
    First of all I'd like to say that I'm sorry for all of your health problems. I had a friend that was in and out of the hospital with Crohns disease and I know that can be incredibly painful at times. I hope you are feeling better and praise God for helping you survive your ordeals.
    I haven't been the best Christian in the past and I decided today to try to be closer to Him. Your post about your faith in God throughout your difficult times encourages me to have more faith in God myself. I know I will never be perfect and I know I will be tested sometimes but I will keep praying to God for Him to give me the strength and guidance to make better choices for myself, as you have.
    Good luck figuring out what path God wants for you and what He wants you to do to serve Him. I'm confident that with prayer, persistance and faith that God will put you where you belong. I'll pray for you.

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