Bible Study Minute for 4/17/18
Who is your family?

They say family ties are the ties that bind. But, which family are you bound to? Thatís the question we see answered in 1 Samuel 19-20 with Saulís children.

After Davidís slaying of Goliath & killing 200 Philistines to claim his wife, Michal, his popularity continues to rise in the land of Israel. This is literally driving King Saul to the brink of insanity. He sees David as a threat to his kingship, so heís ready to do anything he can to kill him. Thankfully, David is able to flee Saulís attempts, both times thanks to the help of Saulís children.

First, knowing there are troops outside waiting to capture David in the morning, Michal helps him escape out the window to safety. Even though she lies to her father about the details (for her own safety), her heart was to spare Davidís life.

Next, Jonathan does everything he can to spare his best friendís life from the hands of his father. He knows David has done nothing wrong deserving of death, so he keeps his fatherís attempts at bay. He even covenants with David to ensure his safety, even to the point of risking his own safety & relationship with his father.

Seeing Godís anointing on David life, they were not going to bring harm his way. This reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 10 when he tells us we need to be willing to hate father & mother if we are to be worthy of him. We must be willing to lay aside familial allegiance in favor of loyalty to God & his ways. If our family wants us to live contrary to Godís Word, itís our obligation to choose God every time.

So, my question to you is this: do you love God above everyone & everything else?

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