Psalm 22 & 1 Samuel 24-25:1

What do you do when God seems far away?

We donít know when David penned Psalm 22, but its contents parallel very closely to the events detailed in 1 Samuel 24. At this time, David is fleeing for his life and is literally hiding in a cave. He is full of despair and wondering where things went wrong. Samuel told him heíd be the next king, but how would that happen with the current king seeking his life?

This is at the heart of what Psalm 22 describes. It depicts someone who feels God is far from them, while everyone around them is mocking and scorning them. This lines up well with Saulís actions toward David. Yet, because David trusts Godís plan, the psalm makes a dramatic turn. Instead of continuing in lament, it turns to praise.

In 1 Samuel 24, we find David trusting Godís plan, instead of taking matters into his own hand. God promised heíd be king, and itíd be in his time. Likewise, he knew God had established Saul as king. This meant, even though he had an opportunity to kill Saul & usurp the throne, he spared Saulís life. As a result, the Lord vindicated him before Saul.

The beautiful thing about Psalm 22 is that it also points us to Christ. While hanging on the cross, he quotes from and refers to the words of David. He too could relate to this psalm, as it quite prophetic in nature.

How can David & Jesus encourage you during difficult times when itís hard to feel Godís nearness?

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