2 Samuel 3:1; 5; Psalm 23
Is Jesus your shepherd-king?

Unfortunately, not everyone was on board with David being king of Israel, as some were still loyal to Saul. So, while David was named king over Judah, the remaining tribes named Ish-bosheth (Saulís son) their king. This led to 7 years of civil war before David ruled over a united kingdom.

When David became king over Israel, he was more than just a king. Because he genuinely cared for the people of Israel, he also became a shepherd over them. As 2 Samuel 5:10 tells us, David was only able to do all this because he obeyed the Lord and the Lord was with him. It was Davidís faithfulness to the Lord that led the nation into prosperity and blessing.

Psalm 23 highlights this truth as David reflects on his life up to this point. He recognized that the Lord had never left his side, even during the difficult times. All through the difficulties, the Lord remained Davidís constant comfort and strength. This shows the character of our Lord, that he is gracious, kind, and faithful to his promises. As this was true for David, this also held true for every faithful member of Israel. And, through Christ, this is also true for believers today.

Knowing that God is always with you, how should that affect how you live your life?

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