2 Samuel 6-7
Who is on your throne?

For as much as 2 Samuel 6-7 is about David’s actions, these chapters show us much about God’s character and work through redemptive history.

After securing Jerusalem as his capital, David wants to bring the ark of the covenant within the city walls. This is the first place we see God’s character. Here we see his awesome holiness on display for all to see. While relocating the ark, the oxen stumble & Uzzah inadvertently touched the ark, which was a violation of God’s Law. The response was his immediate death. This even gave David a reverent & right fear of God, and it would be an event with lasting effects.

Later, when the ark is secure in Jerusalem, David is reflecting on his house and realizes that there is no house for God’s ark & glory. He tells the prophet Nathan of his desire to build a temple. God responds with other plans, this time showing his grace & faithfulness. Instead of letting David build the temple, God makes an everlasting covenant with David. Unlike Saul, God promises to never take away the throne from David’s family. This would be an everlasting kingdom and dominion. We’re even told that God would have a father/son relationship with the one who sits on the throne. While immediately pointing to Solomon, Hebrews 1:5 tells us this ultimately points to Jesus Christ, the greater David.

In response, David is humbled and rightly says this covenant contains instruction for all mankind. He is right, because this covenant points us to the savior and God’s everlasting kingdom.

Looking at this passage with the hindsight of Christ’s fulfillment, how does the events from these chapters strengthen your view of God and your trust in him?

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