Psalms 148-150
Why do you praise the Lord?

The first question in the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks the following question: What is the chief end of man? The answer: to glorify God & enjoy him forever. When we look at the book of Psalms, even with its wide variety of subjects, are a book of praises & hymns to God. And the last handful of psalms are all about praising the name of the Lord & glorifying him.

When we look at Psalms 148-150 there is a beautiful progression of praise. In Psalm 148 we see the need for all of creation to praise the Lord, from the highest creation (angels) to the lowest (earthly creatures & even the earth). As the creator of all, this praise is rightly due him. Then, in Psalm 149 we see that the nation of Israel has specific reasons to praise God for the work that he has done for them, in setting them apart and the wondrous deeds heís done. Finally, Psalm 150 declares that everything that has breath should praise the Lord!

The beautiful thing about these psalms is that the end of Psalm 148 tells us that God has ďraised up a horn for his people, resulting in praise to all his faithful onesĒ (Psalm 148:14 CSB). This horn is Jesus Christ! At the Fall we lost our ability to rightly praise God, but Jesusí work of redemption restores that capacity within us!

Because of Jesus, we, as Christians, get to join in this choral refrain of praise of Godís greatness! We can do it today, tomorrow, and into eternity! How awesome is that?!

So, what are you going to praise God for today?

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