Let me first say, Ive only had 3 dreams that I think we're possibly from God in my 10 years of being a Christian. Before I mention the dream, I want to say a few things that led up to it.

Earlier this year, I was seeking God more than I have in a long time and reading and praying for wisdom. I feel like God was showing me how self focused I've been even as a Christian (10 years). Ive spent so much time doing everything I wanted to do like playing video games, spending money on whatever I wanted to spend it on without considering others needs like those in other countries who are starving.

I've also mentioned my extreme social anxiety on here before but I feel like God recently showed me the root of it is Pride because during social situations I am always focused on what others think of ME instead of more focused on others and what pleases God.

Also about 5 years ago I went back to my old sins of lust that God had already helped me overcome. It took a while to break free from it again. This sin is also very selfish just like everything else I have mentioned.

It feels like recently Jesus has been asking me if I am going to deny myself and stop living for myself and follow him. My life looks nothing like what I read about the desciples and how they gave up everything to follow Jesus

I've had 2 dreams recently both in which I heard a phrase and then woke up immediatly after.

1. "Do the works while it is day" (3/31/18)

2. "To me you shall/will reach the point of death" (4/18/18)

The second dream was louder and sounded more Authoritative. Ive only had 3 dreams in my whole life where I heard a short message like that. I am terrified because I think these dreams were from God I don't think God is pleased with me at all. I feel like Ive made such a mess of my life that I can't seem to get out of. I'm tormented by the thought of going to Hell and often I wake up panicked. Sometimes it feels like I am barely holding on mentally. This is such a scary feeling too.

Has anyone else had a dream like this before?