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Thread: Warning Dream that terrifies me

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    Warning Dream that terrifies me

    Let me first say, Ive only had 3 dreams that I think we're possibly from God in my 10 years of being a Christian. Before I mention the dream, I want to say a few things that led up to it.

    Earlier this year, I was seeking God more than I have in a long time and reading and praying for wisdom. I feel like God was showing me how self focused I've been even as a Christian (10 years). Ive spent so much time doing everything I wanted to do like playing video games, spending money on whatever I wanted to spend it on without considering others needs like those in other countries who are starving.

    I've also mentioned my extreme social anxiety on here before but I feel like God recently showed me the root of it is Pride because during social situations I am always focused on what others think of ME instead of more focused on others and what pleases God.

    Also about 5 years ago I went back to my old sins of lust that God had already helped me overcome. It took a while to break free from it again. This sin is also very selfish just like everything else I have mentioned.

    It feels like recently Jesus has been asking me if I am going to deny myself and stop living for myself and follow him. My life looks nothing like what I read about the desciples and how they gave up everything to follow Jesus

    I've had 2 dreams recently both in which I heard a phrase and then woke up immediatly after.

    1. "Do the works while it is day" (3/31/18)

    2. "To me you shall/will reach the point of death" (4/18/18)

    The second dream was louder and sounded more Authoritative. Ive only had 3 dreams in my whole life where I heard a short message like that. I am terrified because I think these dreams were from God I don't think God is pleased with me at all. I feel like Ive made such a mess of my life that I can't seem to get out of. I'm tormented by the thought of going to Hell and often I wake up panicked. Sometimes it feels like I am barely holding on mentally. This is such a scary feeling too.

    Has anyone else had a dream like this before?

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    Re: Warning Dream that terrifies me

    I’ve never had a dream that I think is from God. However, I have the word of God in every room of my house. I’ve got Bibles everywhere. Got it on my phone.

    Your convictions are good - dreams or no dreams. We shouldn’t be selfish. Video games aren’t inherently wrong but we should be in control of our time on them and not them controlling us.

    Be in a good church, have godly friends. Read your Bible and pray every day. You know these things. Do them. Have joy in your walk with God.

    In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity. - Rupertus Meldenius

    Read your Bible and pray every single day. - Pastor Jon Courson

    If your grace ain't greasier than a bucket full of chitlin's and gravy, you might be a legalist - an internet friend.

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    Re: Warning Dream that terrifies me

    A dream that convicts can only be a good thing. But....

    If God convicts the intention is to steer you back to righteousness. The pattern is repeated throughout Scripture - if you disobey me you will suffer consequences, if you obey me you will be blessed. The call is relentless. Leave your sins behind and walk with me. Walk in my strength and overcome.

    If the devil focuses on your sin the intention is anything but steering you back to God. The focus is on what a failure you are, how you can never live up to what God expects, how it's impossible to do what God expects. The call is equally relentless. Give up. You can't do this. It's not even worth trying any more. God has had it with people like you. Don't bother walking, you're overcome.

    If your dreams are focusing on your shortcomings in a way that addresses them and encourages you to fix them and walk with God they are good. If they encourage you to accept that you fell over, again, but you need to get up and move forward again, they are good. If they encourage you to give up they aren't so good. If they encourage you to figure you fell over 1000 times so far and there's really no point getting up again because you'll only fall over again they aren't so good.

    One thing to remember here. If you fall down 1000 times and get up 1000 times you're in a better place than if you fell over 4 times and got up 3 times.

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    Re: Warning Dream that terrifies me

    Amen to the above post! I've had similar experiences but not through dreams. Just terror. Find a good church with a good prayer group who's focus is to glorify God and be humble. Pray with them regularly. And every time you feel unworthy to pray or read the Word or unworthy to speak the name of Jesus...pray, read your bible and speak His Holy name and give him praise!
    Trust me.
    Don't seek too much knowledge. You just may be putting more weight on your shoulders than you're able to bare. Let God be the one to decide how quickly you grow.

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    Re: Warning Dream that terrifies me

    Hi Christian07!

    I would like to encourage you.

    I believe that you not to strive to "work" your way out of this guilt you feel. It is doomed to fail, from a doctrinal standpoint anyway.

    Secondly, the vein in which your dreams both point toward "do or die" and a mentality of work and also death, I must frown. I don't believe these are from God, or, I doubt it.

    God's dreams to man as we have seen in Scriptural examples, do include warnings, but they include -ultimately- a message of hope. God wants to heal and restore a relationship with you, to enrich you. He wants to come into your house, dine with you.

    I caution you not to give God the credit for your doubt and fear, for that seems to be the fruit of this message/dream. I urge you to look higher, toward love and acceptance from God. He has already paved the way for you, he has won victory over all sin and death and he loves you so much. He has already given all he has for you. You cannot repay this debt. It is free love he gave. Let it break your heart, and know that you cannot work off the debt, you cannot "serve" God hard enough or try hard enough to earn your way out of death. Death has already been destroyed.

    As the "thief" in the night, Christ is going to suddenly appear on the throne of Israel - not the antichrist.

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