In spite of the pain, Marco and Mina cling to God

Seeing their father murdered before their very eyes was terrifying. By the grace of God, their lives were spared. But Marco and Mina still feel overwhelming fear every day.

Not a day goes by that they donít replay in their minds the attack that killed their father. But no matter how dark it gets, Marco and Mina trust God and cling to Him.

Christians targeted during Ramadan

During the 30 days of Ramadan, the faith of many Christians in Muslim-dominated regions will be exposed because they don't participate in fasting or calls to prayer. Christians living in Muslim countries may be more subject to harassment and discrimination. In some places, they even face the threat of physical attack from more extreme Muslims during this Islamic Holy month.

Can we commit to praying for our Christian brothers and sisters living in Muslim countries during Ramadan? Itís so important that we stand together to support our persecuted family. So many believers like Marco and Mina are counting on our help. We need to let them know theyíre not alone!