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I think what we have is a motif, which uses the concept of 3.5 years to convey a particular time of trouble within a 7 year period. It is precisely half of a 7 year period. It is therefore a "shortened" period of time, or less than a "Week" of years.

The idea of a shortened "Week" comes from Dan 9 and the 70 Weeks of years. The final and 70th Week is shortened to 3.5 years because Messiah is "cut off" in the "midst of the Week."

This follows after mention of a 3.5 year period that will belong to Antichrist's rule just prior to the establishment of Christ's Kingdom. And we also have, in ch. 8 and in ch. 11, the rule of Antiochus 4, whose period of desolating Jerusalem lasts about 3.5 years.

So the 3.5 years period is a motif. We do know that the Jewish War 66-70 AD was approx. 3.5 years. This does not, however, mean that the 3.5 year Jewish War was synonymous with the 3.5 year time that the Woman spends in the wilderness!

My view is that the 3.5 years in Rev 12 associates with the 3.5 years of Antichrist's reign in Dan 7. In fact, I believe *all* of the 3.5 year periods in the book of Revelation associate with the 3.5 years of Antichrist's reign in Dan 7!

The 3.5 years, the 42 months, the 1260 days all refer to the 3.5 years mentioned in Dan 7. They have nothing to do with the Jewish War in 66-70 AD, the 3.5 year period of desolation under Antiochus 4, or any other period of 3.5 years in history.
How about the 3 1/2 years earlier in the chapter which is clearly a. Time before

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