Proverbs 16-18

Are you living the life the Spirit enables you to live?

In Proverbs 16-18 there is a lot of contrast between the righteous person and the foolish person. The two are compared with one another to emphasize what godly living looks like in everyday life. This section is a part of a larger section of Proverbs that highlights this subject.

While the topics vary greatly in these few chapters, in my reading I see two overarching themes: 1) the importance of our speech, and 2) the importance of actions toward others.

When we look at the foolish person, their character is destructive & self defeating. They donít care what comes out of their mouth & will say whatever comes to mind. There is no thought given to their speech. Bridges with friends & family are burned without consideration. And they let their evil deeds run rampant until they finally suffer their just consequences.

On the other hand, the righteous person lives a life that is worth following. Their speech is measured and well thought out. They make sure their words are tempered, without haste, and correct for the moment. As far as their interaction with others, they walk in integrity and love toward everyone. Even their enemies have a difficult time saying anything negative about them.

The beautiful thing about these proverbs is that this is the kind of life the Holy Spirit enables all Christians to live on a daily basis!

Today, read these proverbs and find one or two that stand out to you. Meditate on them and ask the Lord how you can incorporate them into your life.

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