1 Kings 11-12

Whose voice are you heeding?

In 1 Kings 11-12 we see just how serious the Lord is about his holiness and us living according to his word.

Early in his life, Solomon was diligent in his service to the Lord, so much so that the Lord gave him the opportunity to ask for whatever he wanted. He was the ideal king over Israel. Yet, as time went on, his fervor for the Lord waned and he let his selfish desires get the best of him. He forsook the Lordís command and married women he shouldnít have. Then, he began worshiping their gods. The end of his life was an epic fail in terms of godly living.

In response to this rejection, Godís judgment was swift and harsh. The Lord promised to strip away 10 of the tribes from the Davidic throne & give them to another king. We find this fulfilled through the moronic actions of his son Rehoboam, and the newly minted king of Israel, Jeroboam.

But, for as much as we see manís sinful heart on display in these chapters, Godís character shines even brighter. Even in his anger and stripping away of the kingdom, God is gracious and refuses to break any of his promises. He promised there would always be someone from Davidís family on the throne, and he kept that word by allowing them to maintain control of Judah. And he also promises that this divided kingdom would not be permanent; one day they would be reunited. This is ultimately fulfilled in Christ.

The beauty of Godís character in these chapters is that they provide comfort for us today. After having read through Proverbs, we see how important holiness and godly living is to God. But we also see that he is a God who keeps his word. This means we can trust our salvation is secure, even when he disciplines us.

Today, look at these three kings. How does their example (or lack of one) point you to God and your need for a Savior?

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