from the Voice of the Martyrs Canada:

'EGYPT: Mob Protest Church Legalization Application'

'NORTH KOREA: Prisoners Released Amidst Peace Talks.'


IRAN: Sentences Upheld'*Reports and prayer requests


I try to avoid adding my own opinions to my posts in this forum, but in this case I feel I should say something.

According to Mohabat News (1, 2), the four men mentioned in this post belong to the non-Trinitarian "Church of Iran", that follows the heretical teachings of the late William Branham.

Please also pray that these men may come to a more accurate knowledge of the truth, repent, seek forgiveness, and fully turn from their heresy. Please pray for the other members of this group and anyone else lead astray by them.

This blog gives further information.

God Bless You,


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