1 Kings 18-19

Do you hear Godís whisper?

1 Kings 18-19 focuses on the prophet Elijah and his interactions with king Ahab & his wife Jezebel. In chapter 17 he shut up the heavens as a judgment against Israel. Chapter 18 is 3.5 years later when heís told to once again confront Ahab. What we see in these chapters are two extremes of faith.

In chapter 18, Elijah is confident in God as he knows he is about to lay the smackdown on Ahab and the prophets of Baal in front of all Israel. God puts his glory and power on display for all Israel to see as he completely consumes the waterlogged offering. Elijah is so confident in God that he makes jokes and is borderline cocky. He is certainly reveling in the moment.

1 Kings 19 shows us a different Elijah. His faith is shattered as heís running for his life from Jezebel. He wishes he was dead, thinking he is the only person left who worships the Lord. Yet, this is the scenario God uses to teach him a lesson. Elijah looks for Godís voice in a mighty wind and earthquake, only to find his voice in a whisper. Itís here that God reveals his next steps will not come in grandiose measures, but through normal political processes. God shows him that he also works in the small details and moments.

When we look at Elijah, too often our lives are the same way. When God is big, so is our faith. But, when he starts whispering we canít hear him and wonder where he is.

Itís easy to trust God when heís big & visible and our lives are good; but, do you still trust him when heís whispering?

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