2 Kings 5; 6:1-23

Is your pride keeping you from God?

Thereís a lot that happens in 2 Kings 5-6, but today I want us to focus on Naaman, the commander of the Syrian army. He was a mighty man of valor, but he was also stricken with leprosy, a serious skin disease. The first half of 2 Kings 5 tells us of his encounter with God.

Through previous raids, he had brought an Israelite girl home to serve his wife. This little girl tells Naamanís wife about a prophet in Israel who could cure her husband. So, after procuring papers from his king, Naaman journeyed to Israel for his cleansing. When Elisha hears, he tells Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan River and heíd be cured.

This is where the story turns. Instead of listening to the prophetís instruction, Naaman is bewildered. He was expecting some grand work of God from the prophet, not washing in a river. He then talks about how the rivers back home are far better & he should do it at home. Finally, at the urging of his servant, he humbles himself and sees Godís power at work. Heís cleansed of his leprosy and then turns to serve the God of Israel.

The thing is, Naaman almost missed his blessing because of his pride. In the same way, we need to humble ourselves before God. Before salvation, the ways of God and his gospel are foolishness and make no sense to us. We balk at how God operates and prefer our own path, much like Naaman. Yet, itís only when we lay aside our pride and repent of our sins that we can be cleansed from our sin sickness and be made new in Christ.

With that in mind, in what areas of your life do you need to humble yourself and walk in obedience to Godís ways?

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