I'm praying for and asking for prayer for healing for my teeth. No one on my Mom's side of the family has good teeth they all have huge amounts of dental problems and I inherited the bad teeth gene. So I can brush and floss till the cows come home and my teeth and gums are still gonna rot in my mouth due to my DNA. As if that wasn't frustrating enough I have buck teeth that are very noticeable. I have had braces and headgear and elastic bands for years and my teeth refuse to even budge they won't move a bit. So after x-rays, my dentist and orthodontist tell me that basically my mouth has been shaped this way with the rest of my face like my teeth have been created as one with the rest of my face to stick out. So no amount of braces or headgear or elastics will do any good at all none. Even if they remove some teeth to make room for them to move back because my teeth are as one with my face they aren't going to move it'll never happen. So my dentist and orthodontist gave me only two options and one would be to have my whole face broken and have reconstructive surgery done along with plastic surgery done on my face and two would be to remove the teeth sticking out and get implants. Ideally, it would be better to remove all the teeth and get all implants. I can afford to do neither of those things right now and even if I could I would never do option number one no way. I also have several cavities. One cavity in the back is causing me pain right now and it's barely even a tooth anymore there's little to nothing left of that tooth in the back from it constantly rotting. I also have problems with my gums and my breath. So I'm praying and asking for prayer that somehow someway GOD will fully heal my teeth and give me straight white teeth with healthy gums and nice breath.