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Thread: More problems

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    More problems

    Yup ... me again.

    ATT is my IP and I have my log in page set as my home page ( Up until a couple of days ago it worked fine then it stopped. It would not load up. I would get this message in the bottom left hand corner "waiting for But it would do nothing just sit there. Have no problem with any other sites.

    Anybody else experience this. If you did ... did you fix it and how did you do it? I use firefox as my browser. I haven't tried any others yet perhaps I'll just switch to Chrome though I do prefer FF. Anyone know any better browsers?
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    Re: More problems

    I just went to the web page ( using Firefox )and it loaded up just fine for me. The first thing I'd suggest would be clearing your cache and cookies to see if that fixes things.
    Chrome is a great browser and I do use it for certain things but my mainstay for years has been Firefox. Right now it really is the best out of the bunch.
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