Tonight I was out walking my dog one more time before bed when I suddenly decided to turn back in the direction I came. As I turned I saw what at first appeared to be a shooting star in burn out phase. I saw where it came from and where it burned out at. But I thought it curious that it was as red as the light on airplanes and it seemed quite close. Close enough that I thought maybe it wasn't a shooting star after all. As I stood pondering this i saw it again. Only this time it was just one red blink like a firefly and entirely too high to be a firefly. Plus the bigger issue was it had made a hard left and was completely in line with the last place I saw it. It was like it turned on the very corner of a piece of paper and followed that straight line.
Then I saw it blink again. Then I saw a plane fly overhead and though it was dark out the plane was low enough for me to see its shadow in the moon light.Yet this object I was watching was so silent and absent. yet there, like a shooting star that I can't even imagine that a non military drone could be capable of this. And I honestly couldn't tell how high it was. Though it must not have been much higher than the tree line given how I was able to track it.

So my question to you all is this, are drones able to make hair pin turns and are they that stealthy?