Hi everyone, I know I haven't been active in this forum for a long while. I've had my faith in Jesus for a long time, but recently wanted to get really serious about it for a variety of reasons. The Lord has given my dreams of hell (terrifying) including the lukewarm Christians mentioned in the Bible and I've been doing Bible study online (which helps greatly). I've also been disturbed by many in my generation accepting or applauding sin and pushing Christ further and further. away. I work with 3-5 year-old children who have never heard God's name except as a curse word and want to share love and joy with these little ones. My positions on many things have changed to be more Christ-oriented and I realize I was not hanging around the right people in my teen years and trying to hard to impress a non-believe ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, the Lord has had me come around. I have learned that God was protecting me and strengthening me in many ways. My anger at the Lord is gone about my never knowing my father. I found out my biological father's true nature and God was showing His love and wisdom by not having me know him. My abuse at the hands of my brother-in-law is also...gone! I'm happy and peaceful after many battles and prayers with the Father, He has healed me. He showed me how my wounds have made me better and able to help those who are hurting! It took me a while after the death of my sister from lung cancer (caused by years of drug abuse) but once again God has been patient and helped me heal by teaching me to trust.

Personally, I am still married to Mark, we have been married eight years and November will be nine years! I love him very, very much! I am working on my doctorate degree in Teaching and Learning and on my dissertation right now. We have five dogs: Mija (Chihuahua) 11, London (Golden Retriever) 13, a Pekingese/Japanese Chin mix, Misty (7), Sango, a Japanese Chin (4), and Tami, Japanese Chin (5). This is my 4th year with the same school district as a pre-K teacher teaching low-income students (at-risk) to be prepared for kindergarten.