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Thread: Step-Daughter Jail Woes

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    Step-Daughter Jail Woes

    Hello, I need prayers for my step-daughter, Ash. It's a long story, but she lost her home here in Texas and her ex-husband's parents offered to house her and help take care of her and her ex-husband's autistic daughter. Well, six months in Colorado, Ash is kicked out of the trailer her ex's relatives were letting her stay at because she was drinking and not working. Ash had given rights up to her daughter so the child's grandparents could get treatments for her (speech therapy, gym, physical therapy, etc). Well, Ash has been living in her car, homeless. My husband and I offered for her to come live with us if she would allow us to help her get sober and find a job, she declined.

    Two months ago, a man Ash met on the street is paying for her to rent a hotel twice a week. Well, turns out this man was out on parole for domestic violence and got into a fight with my step-daughter. He wound up physically hurting her and she yelled and ripped his shirt. She got charged with domestic violence and had a court date. Well, Ash has always suffered from bi=-polar disorder and not been on her proper meds. She checked herself into a clinic. However, she didn't inform the court why she failed to show up. They had her in jail after she got out for one night (we made her bail) for skipping court. Mark and I have offered her to come live with us for a while to help her become sober and get her life on track. Mark has even told her she needs to get her life right with the Lord as He has looked out for her. First, she needs to sort out this court thing before she comes back to our home.

    Please pray. Thank you, God bless
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    Re: Step-Daughter Jail Woes

    Prayers up. So sad. There are so very many people I know that are just like Ash. So many in need of prayer.
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    Re: Step-Daughter Jail Woes

    God bless you and Mark and your daughter's ex in-laws. Praying Ash comes to her senses.

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    Re: Step-Daughter Jail Woes

    Praying here....
    If you want to talk please pm me. It must be hard for you and Mark to see this happening.

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