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Thread: Are we imbalanced eschatomaniacs in the 21st century church?

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    Re: Are we imbalanced eschatomaniacs in the 21st century church?

    Quote Originally Posted by randyk View Post
    I spent the mid-70s down in Orange County, getting confusing by Chuck Smith about the Pretrib Rapture. I had been Postrib, but Smith's daily radio broadcasts, and a new commentary on Revelation, made me reconsider my position. After a period of mass confusion and doubt I felt the Lord convict me that I was vacillating over things I already knew. I was afraid to believe what I had already read and understood in 2 Thes 2.

    Since this is in the Bible it has importance to God. At the time I wrote Walter Martin and CRI, requesting that Martin make an official statement regarding his own Postrib belief. He came out, shortly after, with a tape presenting his Postrib position. You can still hear it online somewhere.

    I'm not bad-mouthing Chuck Smith when I say that his predictions about the coming of Christ "very soon" did not pan out. Jesus didn't come in the 80s, and he didn't come anytime after that either. So I share, like you, a distaste for predictions made about when Christ will come. This particular Forum forbids it, I believe?

    That being said, I find that those who give up on actual eschatology in the Bible are making a mistake, and are frustrated simply because they haven't found much truth yet. To quote creeds and official statements does not scratch the surface of all that exists about the endtimes in the Bible. Creeds are just abbreviated statements of beliefs--not exhaustive studies of an area like eschatology.

    Where we go wrong is when we refuse to believe what the Scriptures actually say on a subject. I find that the biggest difficulty comes when we try to base our beliefs strictly on symbols, rather than on explicit doctrinal statements in the Bible. Symbols have that awful ability to allow the interpreter to insert his own ideas into the symbol, and then call it "biblical!"

    Don't give up brother. Pop eschatology will go away. God's word lasts forever.
    Thanks for the comments, Randy. And I don’t mean to sound like there isn’t much to study. There is! I’ll post a picture of a section of my shelf with eahatology books. That doesn’t include dozens of commentaries on Revelation (and other prophetic books), all my systematic theologies (which all have a section on eschatology) and of course it doesn’t include all my electronic books on eschatology, commentaries and systematic theologies. It doesn’t include the many I’ve owned and don’t have anymore.

    I think the point I’m making is one will see a variety of views on that shelf. All by Spirit filled people who truly love God and have sharp minds. The details of eschatology is an area we are probably more fallible in than any other branch of theology. Yet it’s one in which many devote an unreasonable amount of time to. They are fixated on it. Perhaps even idolatrous with it.

    But I agree. Read much on about it - from different angles, with humility and come join those with differing views in that humility in C.S. Lewis’ metaphorical Mere Christianity hallway.
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