“He who has been faithful to us in the past will be faithful to us even now.”
—Mary, a survivor of the recent attacks that decimated 12 villages in Nigeria

Mary Dung recently shared these hopeful words with our Open Doors team that visited two camps where thousands of Nigerians are now living.

More than 200 Christians were killed in the attacks at the end of June, and 12 villages near Jos were decimated as Muslim Fulani militant herdsmen carried out the four-day killing spree.

As a result, thousands have lost their homes and communities. When our team visited the two camps set up by local churches, we heard the need from Christians like Mary. They were hungry and needed supplies. A day later, our teams partnered with the host churches to rush critical relief to the camps. Listen as Mary and others share their stories in the short video below:
Please continue to pray with Christians in these attacks as well as the church throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Repeatedly, we hear from persecuted believers who say that knowing thousands are praying gives them strength; it reminds them they are not alone. And here’s the kicker—they’re praying for you. I’ll let Mary close us out:

“My prayer is this: May God pay you back a thousand-fold, and may He renew your strength. May He continue to bless and protect you.”
Lindy Lowry,
Open Doors Weekly editor
P.S. The third hearing for Pastor Brunson is July 18 (in the U.S., it will start July 17 around 10 pm EST). Please pray with us for Andrew, Norine and their family. We will share information as soon as we have it. #standwithPastorBrunson