Nothing less than I’d expect.
Teach them.
Pluck the weeds out by the stem.
Vengeance, wrath;
annihilate trespassers on the path.

You are the star. You are the one
to illuminate their hearts like the sun.
None other than you, is the one to
show them what is false, what is true.

For you are stronger, you are braver;
there’s nothing wrong with this behaviour.
You are mighty, you are the best,
all will heed at your behest.

Take my knowledge, find your glory.
All your exploits will make a fine story.
I am your ally, I am your friend.
Don’t deny me, don’t deny my hand.

Have this life. Grab on,
and I will give you all under the sun.
Hear my voice? Am I making a sound?
Fulfill your desires, before you rot underground.

Only those meant for destruction hear this and follow.
You think mankind is so dim, they won’t see through your bluff?
Serpent! Satan!
You think all is good, that nothing is to be straightened?

Child, listen; God is the star, you are His child.
Turn to Him; be reconciled.
Teaching others, few should choose;
Those who rebuke a scoffer, win abuse.

You can be strong, you can be brave,
but always remember the one who saves!
You can be called great in the kingdom of God.
If you strive to be holy, you will receive applaud.

Do not seek your own glory,
seek to please the Father, and learn Christ’s story.
For He is the eternal word of the Father,
pray he will accept you as you approach His altar.

Don’t choose this life, for it is fleeting;
Choose God, and with Christ you’ll be eating.
If you hear Christ’s voice, then open the door;
fulfill God’s desires, and you will have eternal life in store.