Where Persecution Comes From

Christians in this small Southeast Asian country experience Christian persecution from the government, family and society at large. Legal policies favor Muslims over Christians and other minority groups and are enforced across the country. Muslim and ethnic majority group leaders have significant influence over the Sultan of the country, who is obligated to be the ultimate protector and defender of Islam in the nation. This results in the marginalization of the Christian minority. Family members and neighbors of Christians only need to report them to authorities if they wish to hinder the practice of Christianity.
How Christians are Suffering

Conversion from Islam is illegal, so Christian converts are pressured on all sides to return to their former faith. Non-traditional (including evangelical) Christian churches cannot be registered, so they instead are treated as secular organizations, essentially recognized by the government as companies, societies or family centers. As such, the government forces them to submit financial and operational reports each year. The implementation of Sharia law (Islamic law) affects society at large, including Christians who are forced to adhere to Islamic customs and rites. When one family member converts to Christianity, families are forced to split up, making expression of the Christian faith an incredibly difficult decision.

Because conversion from Islam is strictly prohibited by Bruneian law, converts to Christianity are often separated from spouse and children, and even forced to divorce their partner.
Some Christians and members of other minority groups are denied official Bruneian citizenship, leaving these stateless residents incredibly disadvantaged.
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Pray for Brunei

  • Every day, local newspapers in Brunei publish reports of converts to Islam receiving gifts and financial support. In contrast, Christians are not allowed to evangelize at all. Pray that, in spite of such unfair odds, God will grant His people wisdom and boldness in sharing Jesus.
  • Pray for underground believers. Persecution against them is strong because the country is so small; there’s nowhere to run if their faith in Christ is exposed. That is why they choose to practice their faith in secret.
  • Pray for Malay Muslims who turn to Christ and now face strict punishment under Sharia law.

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