The Unforgettable Fire “Dug from the night/your eyes as black as coal”

When our desire to be someone
Outweighs what we are
We find a fire that burns
As we wish on a star

A long time ago
When the band hit that stage
It started to move
It spoke to our age

A longing to speak

Even stronger to hear
To reach out and love
Nothing there but a tear

The fire then burned
Consuming the lie
Drove a wretch to the floor
On a cross there to die

To be something one’s not
Travelled alone on the road
A long darkened night
And no hope for abode

Ice forms a castle
With stone for its walls
Soldiers that guard
And hallow its halls

A journey to nowhere
Met a place at the end
Eyes that fell dark
That found out the sin

Then out from the night
The Star did appear
And gave birth to the day
Someone there to be near

The fire abides
And mingled with tears
Brings strength to the heart
And restoration of years

Yet, no man can say
Midst the pride and the ire
Where this is from-
The Unforgettable Fire