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Thread: Wasp sting

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    Wasp sting

    Praise report...

    Last night my wife was praying and a wasp that was in the room, stung her on the neck.

    She knew it was in the room but ignored it as she was sitting in her "study" chair and had begun to pray, while praying for our daughter and her fiancee, WHAM.

    Now, she's been stung maybe 4 or 5 times since we've been married and each time, WAY out of control swelling. She is allergic, not anaphylactic type of allergy but she swells up crazy. Now, a sting on the neck...

    Yep, prayed to God for control because I know she would have anxiety and of course, prayed for God to heal. She read her favorite Psalms out loud as she has in the past when in any storm or felt anxiety.

    She did put ice in a ziplock and hold it to the spot.

    A normal welt resulted from the sting and after 30 minutes, that was gone too.

    God is Good!

    I killed the wasp, too.

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    Re: Wasp sting

    Praise God

    Maybe too, since it happened in connection to God in prayer. All was normal. Maybe the wasp was demonized?
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