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TORTURED FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN the morning, two rolls for lunch and two rolls in the evening. Sometimes we were given lentil soup – but you couldn’t see any lentils in it,’ he told Release International. ‘Whenever I preached the soldiers beat me’ Out of the 1,000 military prisoners in Adi Nefas, only ten were Christians. But Yemane had a small pocket Bible that he tore into four parts and hid from the guards, and the small group of believers managed to study the Bible together in secret. ‘Every week the soldiers searched the Christians for Bibles.’ In addition, Yemane continued the very work for which he had been imprisoned, sharing the gospel with fellow inmates. ‘I preached to all the prisoners, and some turned to Christ,’ he said. ‘‘But whenever I preached the soldiers beat me. I thought of Jesus on the cross and did not feel the pain.’cross and did not feel the pain.

Eritrean believer Yemane who was left crippled after repeated torture in prison. CARING FOR THE FAMILIES OF PRISONERS AND MARTYRS On one occasion, an officer called him into his office and beat him with a stick, saying, ‘This is because you are a Christian.’ He had been sent to the hole five times for telling other soldiers about Jesus, but Yemane continued to share the gospel at every opportunity. After punishing him repeatedly for nearly nine years, his commanders finally gave up and sent him to prison in 2009. Conditions were brutal in the Adi Nefas military prison, where Yemane spent the next three years. Most of the prisoners slept on newspapers, and none had a bed. The men in each cell shared a plastic bottle as a urinal, and they were limited to two bathroom breaks per day."