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Thread: Anyone Here Into Music Licensing?

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    Anyone Here Into Music Licensing?

    I was wondering if anyone here writes music for licensing to film and TV. I'm trying to get back into writing music after having played guitar for many years and did very little financially with it.

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    Re: Anyone Here Into Music Licensing?

    I tried freelancing in music for a little while for small online cartoon and video-game makers, although it wasn't (financially) viable beyond maybe extra cash. I imagine the demand is still there especially with the mobile app market. I don't know much about film/TV producers, but it would be extremely difficult to get into them without a label. There are however plenty of content creators on YouTube and Twitch who want to stand out from the crowd, so that could be another avenue if you were to build a portfolio on somewhere like Soundcloud. The main problem not being signed is that it's more difficult to find a client who fits your niche, yet is also willing to pay for a license when there are thousands of CC-BY's of the same genre. If your interest is in soundtracks rather than loops, it's even harder. At any rate, I can't see this being a feasible career path unless you strike gold or your art become famous in its own right. In fact it's more profitable per/hr playing live in front of a mall.
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    Re: Anyone Here Into Music Licensing?

    Anything you write or record and date is considered copyrighted whether you register it or not.
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