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Thread: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Quote Originally Posted by John777 View Post
    ok, my bad i get it...Keck thinks that i have 'derailed his thread'

    well did i 'derail' his thread....or have these guys started it Before me...

    hmmm you be the Judge....

    oops started to 'Derail' in Post number 5

    but let us look at a Few more....

    oh my, call the Border Patrol.

    nah, must be the Fake Aliens.

    now Fenris, stop 'derailing' Kecks thread...really 'the Solo movie'.

    Keck wont yell at you, but maybe i will. wink.

    um Kecky, will you please STOP derailing your 'thread'. thank you.

    ok Keck, i asked you nicely once. now this is the second time you tried to derail this thread...are you counting yet?

    well are you? can anyone say 'hypocrite'???

    and yet another 'derail' i making my point yet?

    thanks Saved. this is the best post and 'derail' of the whole thread. Keck wouldn't dare to lay a finger on you, if he crosses the Line, then PM me and let me handle this.

    well there you go folks,

    seems like Keck and his buddies derailed another fine thread. LOL and he blames me for starting it after his buddies 'derailed' it!!!

    Good night Keck, and plenty of 'bed rest' has been a Long Week and i am concerned that you are 'Losing your Touch'

    blessings, and all in Good Fun, 'even to you Keck'.

    Oh dear...John, my friend, I love your passion for truth, but I believe you missed the whole point of my post. Spend some time praying dear brother.
    Don't seek too much knowledge. You just may be putting more weight on your shoulders than you're able to bare. Let God be the one to decide how quickly you grow.

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Quote Originally Posted by John777 View Post
    thanks Keck your a very Straight blessing on this forum as always.

    wish you could have been with us at the Free Church this morning. sure kind of a Repeat of what this thread is about, but we learned about the Devil a bunch and his bondage/conspiracy. of course he contrasts that with Grace and our Freedom.

    afterwards i asked the preacher about my new DVD from cutting edge concerning 'secret societies killed Jesus'......he gave it a Huge thumbs up. ever wonder why Jesus was so hard on the Pharisees vs the common people?

    thats your first clue.

    Seeing as prophecy and the biblical Gospels themselves clearly told us who crucified Jesus and why, I'm going to call bull on your dvd.

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Quote Originally Posted by John777 View Post
    thanks Brian, never laughed so hard lately...
    There's that "we" again. I wonder what would happen if you ever started thinking for yourself John.

    Quote Originally Posted by John777 View Post
    that Dentist guy, he must have been some one here right?

    Yeah...I'm not surprised that you missed the context and couldn't even follow along with your own logic train.
    Day by day
    Oh Dear Lord
    Three things I pray
    To see thee more clearly
    Love thee more dearly
    Follow thee more nearly
    Day by day

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Quote Originally Posted by John777 View Post
    Keck, you play a great Straight Man.
    Keck has studied information as pertains to US military to determine what was or wasn't credible. That makes him very trustworthy on these sorts of discussions.

    The ability to maintain a serious demeanor in the face of even the most preposterous comedy is crucial to a successful straight man.
    You're right, that's exactly what he's doing here. He's being confronted with preposterous comedy, and is keeping his calm demeanor and his sense of class.

    God bless.
    "For a small moment have I forsaken you, and with great mercy will I gather you.With a little wrath did I hide My countenance for a moment from you, and with everlasting kindness will I have compassion on you," said your Redeemer, the Lord."..."For the mountains shall depart and the hills totter, but My kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of My peace totter," says the Lord, Who has compassion on you.

    Isaiah 54

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Why do I waste my time debunking these preposterous idiotic claims John? What happened to Mars John, did you conveniently forget about your failed prophecy about Mars?

    Any teenage student of astrophysics could debunk this one; it is so rife with ignorance....


    UFO seen WITHDRAWING energy from the sun soundly DEBUNKED / FAKE

    Telescope images captured of the sun on Monday (March 12) show what appears to be a planet-size shadowy object tethered to the sun by a dark filament. In the image sequence, a burst of brightly lit material can be seen erupting from the sun's surface surrounding the dark object, after which the orb detaches from the sun and shoots out into space.

    The footage, a composite of images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and processed by scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, has quickly garnered attention on YouTube, where viewers are suggesting it shows a UFO spacecraft refueling by sucking up solar plasma, or at the very least, the birth of a new planet.

    However, according to NASA scientists, the feature is actually a little-understood, but frequently observed, type of solar activity called a "prominence," and the way it is situated beneath another solar feature gives it its otherworldy appearance.

    The thread extending from the lower left edge of the sun in the video is known as a "prominence," a feature containing cooler, denser plasma than the surrounding 3.5-million-degree Fahrenheit corona, said Joseph Gurman, project scientist in the Solar Physics Laboratory at NASA Goddard. It isn't yet known exactly how prominences develop, but these dense plasma loops can extend from the sun's surface thousands of miles into space.

    "When prominences are that extended in height above the limb [edge of the sun], it's usually a sign that they're about to erupt, as this one did," Gurman told Life's Little Mysteries.

    C. Alex Young, a solar astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center who runs a website called The Sun Today, explained that the prominence is situated below a tunnel-shape feature called a filament channel. "When you look at it from the edge of the sun, what you actually see is a spherical object. You're actually looking down the tunnel. And this tunnel sits up top of the filament," Young explained at The Sun Today. He added that the development of these structures is quite common.

    But why is the prominence dark? Gurman explained that all the light in the SDO images is the same color — a specific wavelength that is emitted by iron atoms that have been ionized 13 times, known as Fe XIV. The dark filament seen in the images (the refueling UFO's "tether," according to YouTube users) is a part of the prominence that happens to absorb light of this color, making it appear dark. "The absorption is typically seen in lines such as Fe XIV only in the thinnest, densest parts of the prominence, which is here seen edge-on as it rotates over the solar limb," he said. [6 Everyday Things That Work Strangely in Space]

    In the image sequence, there is a burst of activity around the prominence, and then it and the filament channel shoot out into space immediately afterwards. According to Gurman, the first event was probably an outburst of the sun's magnetic field called a coronal mass ejection. "It's generally accepted, though still not conclusively proven, that prominence eruptions occur when the overlying magnetic field that contains the prominence material is disrupted," he said.

    Another image showing the same coronal mass ejection and prominence eruption was captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory on Monday. In this image, which captured light in the visible wavelength range, a bright swirl of material from the prominence trails the fainter edge of the coronal mass ejection as the two plunge into space.

    Less exciting than a refueling UFO or a brand new planet, maybe — but there's nothing quite like the truth.
    Those who seek God with all their heart will find Him and be given sight. Those who seek their own agenda will remain blind.

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    I'm so tired of your links to this kind of garbage, fake news and false prophecies, I actually am physically exhausted.

    As much as I tried, and I have tried to exhort you, correct you, and beg and plead with you to stop this addiction to these God-mocking web sites, you just can't break your bondage to them.

    I'm sorry, I can't help you anymore. I am exhausted with your endless regurgitation of already debunked theories, signs, your "free church," your rebellion, mis-characterization of Christians and incorrigible behavior.

    At some point, even Paul gave up trying, and I am about at that point with you. Sorry. If you want to discuss anything relevant to actual Biblical Scripture or any other subject that meets the minimal standards of reality, I will always be here.

    Break the chains that bind you to these ungodly sources brother. I did my best.
    Those who seek God with all their heart will find Him and be given sight. Those who seek their own agenda will remain blind.

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    Re: Filmmaker reveals how he faked infamous 'Roswell alien autopsy'

    Mod note:

    We are somewhat lenient in letting others express their views. However, we need to purge out false information derived from sources that lack credibility.
    2 Ti 2:14 Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers.

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