(my work is very free verse and may be more of prose than poetry, and may have some "sad" or "depressive" undertones)
Willingly Lost
Dreams are too short
I suppose, however, that any length shorter than...eternity is too short,
Take my hand, oh deep slumber, into a life that is not my own,
Where my sense of self and the world I know blurs into a surreal randomly generated bliss,
Where my doomed world, dilapidated and shattered beyond hope of repair, cannot find me,
I am whole, and at peace for a period of time that is also beyond comprehension for me,
But it always feels too short.
Bring me deeper, maybe...so deep that I can't find my way out again,
I would dare to never leave a trail of bread crumbs,
Nor would I make mention of my deparure,
Never find me again, oh undending despair that is a looming, immutable reality,
Don't mention my name, and forgot you knew me,
I've become lost in a purgatorial bliss,
And it calls me deeper, and I gladly go deeper,
Shrouded by an increasingly denser grove of trees,
May there never be a clearing, or a landmark I recognize,
Let all I know blur into obscurity until...my spirit is healed again.