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Thread: Godless peoples live in the Holy Land

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    Godless peoples live in the Holy Land

    Psalms 79:1-7 The heathen have invaded Your domain, Lord – they have defiled Your Holy Place and ruined Your Land. Your servants have been killed and evicted from Jerusalem. Now we suffer the taunts of our neighbours and the threats of those around us.
    Lord: You are roused to a fury, Your indignation blazes like a fire. Pour out Your wrath onto the nations that do not acknowledge You, those peoples that deny Your existence, for they have taken over the heritage of Jacob.

    Psalms 79:8-13 Do not remember against Your people the guilt of past generations, rather let Your compassion come swiftly to meet us, for now we are brought so low. Help us, God our saviour for the honour of Your Name. For Your Name’s sake rescue us and wipe out our sins. Why should the nations ask: Where is their God?
    May we see Your vengeance for their treatment of Your servants.
    Let the supplications of Your people from around the world, reach Your presence and in Your great might save those who are dead in the spirit. Ezekiel 37:13-14
    Turn back sevenfold onto their own heads the contempt the godless nations pour upon You. Then, we; Your people: the flock whom You shepherd, will give You thanks forever and praise You to all generations. Ref: REB. Some verses abridged

    The heathen have invaded Your domain’- Most of the current inhabitants of the Holy Land, that is: the area from the Nile to the Euphrates, are atheistic, apostate or false religion worshippers. Isaiah 20:30-32, Psalms 52:1-5
    neighbours have taken over the heritage of Jacob’- Neighbours: the enemies of God and the rejecters of Jesus, living in or adjacent to the State of Israel. Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 21:13-14
    Jacob: now every faithful Christian. Galatians 3:26-29, Ephesians 3:6
    ‘Your indignation blazes like fire’ - The many prophesied punishment by fire that the Lord will bring upon the world, but especially devastating the Middle East. Ezekiel 30:2-5, Amos 1:3-15
    ‘onto their own heads’- The weapons prepared by the nations who attack will ‘recoil upon themselves’. Psalms 7:12-15, Obadiah 1:15, Joel 3:4
    ‘Your people, the flock whom You shepherd’, Faithful, born again Christian people from every race nation and language, protected, saved and then living in their heritage: the holy Land. Ezekiel 34:11-16, Isaiah 35:1-10, Romans 8:16-18, Romans 9:24-26

    Psalms 79 is another example of How the Lord will act when the Islamic confederation commences their attack on the State of Israel, as described in Psalms 83. It will be the literal fulfilment of the many prophecies of a terrible punishment by fire upon the nations, an explosion of the suns surface, instigated by the Lord, but He is not seen at this time, so it can be thought of as a natural disaster by the secular peoples. It is the sudden and shocking Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, that will virtually depopulate all the area given to Abraham, nearly four centuries ago.
    This will allow the gathering and settling of the true Israelites – natural and grafted in, to live in the Holy land. The rest of the world will form a One World Government, as nations will cede their sovereignty because of this disaster. At least 10 years later, after all that is prophesied to happen before the Return has taken place, then the Lord Jesus will Return for His Millennium reign.

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    Re: Godless peoples live in the Holy Land

    Jeremiah 6:8-15 Be instructed, Jerusalem [Judah], or your God will depart from you and will devastate the Land. Isaiah 22:11-14
    The Lord says: Glean like a vine the remnant of Israel, one last time, like the vine dresser – pass your hand over the branches. Isaiah 5:5-7
    To whom shall I speak and give warning? Who will hear me? Their ears are blocked, they are incapable of listening. They treat the Lord’s Word as a reproach, it has no appeal for them.
    Ezekiel 22:26-31
    But I am full of the anger of the Lord, I cannot hold it back. Isaiah 63:1-6 I must pour it out onto all the people of the Land. Their houses will be given to others.
    For all the leaders and people only consider themselves, their prophets and Rabbis are all frauds, every one of them. They fail to address the real problems of their people. They say: “All is well”. All well? Nothing is right and just. They ought to be ashamed because of their sinful practices, yet they have no sense of shame, therefore they will fall with a great crash and be brought low on the Day of My reckoning.
    Jeremiah 8:8, Ezekiel 33:25-26, Isaiah 6:11-13

    Jeremiah 6:16-30 The Lord says: you should enquire about the Way that leads to righteousness. But they said: “We refuse”. Then I appointed watchmen – listen for the call they told them. But they said: “We refuse”. Therefore hear you nations and take note of the plight of these people. I am about to bring ruin upon them, for all their sinful ways and ignoring My instructions. Your sacrifices are not acceptable and your offerings do not please Me. Isaiah 22:14, Zephaniah 1:4-6, Matthew 24:41-42
    Therefore the Lord says: I will set obstacles before this people, which will bring them to the ground, father, sons, friends and neighbours will all perish together. Jeremiah 12:14-17
    A great host appears, like men arrayed for battle, against you; Zion.
    News of their coming has reached us and our hands hang limp, agony grips us, pangs as of a woman in labour. Do not go outside, for the foe will smite you there, as terror is spread around the world. Mourn and wail as the despoiler comes upon us in an instant.
    Isaiah 10:17, Isaiah 29:5-6, Zechariah 1:14-18 & 3:8, Revelation 6:12-17
    It is appointed to assay My people, testing their conduct, but they are all rebels, mischief makers and corrupt to a man. The bellows blow, the fire is ready. All types of metal in vain the refiner refines, but the impurities cannot be removed. Call them reject silver, for God has rejected them. Matthew 21:43
    Ref: REBible

    All of this prophecy in Jeremiah is telling us about the coming judgement/punishment by fire– the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath. This terrifying event will affect all the world, but especially the Middle East and all this prophecy applies specifically to Judah, the current inhabitants of part of the holy Land. Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 30:1-5, Ezekiel 21:1-17, Amos 1 & 2:1-5

    a great host appears, like men ready for battle’ This description, along with Joel 2:1-11, is a simile for what will happen. These verses say how the Lord will act on His great Day of vengeance and wrath: Isaiah 63:1-6, Rev 6:12-17 A coronal mass ejection flash will ‘come in an instant’, seen in eight minutes, Isaiah 30:26, but the main mass of superheated hydrogen will take about 24 hours to travel to earth and ‘news of its coming will reach us’. ‘Do not go outside’, is obvious – get into shelter and stay there until it passes, Isaiah 26:20-21
    ‘as terror is spread around the world,’ for at least 24hrs, then it passes on into outer space. Psalms 18:7-15, Isaiah 2:12-21, Isaiah 66:15-17, Zephaniah 1:14-18, 2 Peter 3:7

    Their houses will be given to others’. Psalm 69:33-36

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    Re: Godless peoples live in the Holy Land

    Jeremiah 50:33 The peoples of Israel and Judah are both oppressed, their captors hold them fast and will not let them go.
    The Dispersion and exile of both Israel and Judah is still enforced. Although part of Judah have returned to part of the Land, we await the remnant of all Israel, gathering and settling into ALL of the holy Land, along with every other born again Christian believer.

    Jeremiah 50:34 &45-46, Jeremiah 51:1-4 & 52-57 But they have a Powerful Advocate, whose name is Y’hovah, He Himself will take up their cause. Listen, therefore to His purpose against all the Babylonish lands: In the horror of this terrible time, even children will be caught. The earth will quake and the great sound of destruction will be heard around the world. I will let loose My destroyer against My enemies, it will winnow and assail their lands from all directions on the Day of their disaster. No one will be unaffected and all military powers will be utterly destroyed.
    Some of Jeremiah’s prophecies about Babylon were fulfilled in ancient times, but what is quoted above, must be yet to happen, as the earthquakes and loud noise did not occur at the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus. The same ‘Babylon’ as above is referred to in Revelation 17 & 18, and is obviously a modern city or entity. Its destruction ‘in a single hour’, will be the many prophesied fire judgement of the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath. Revelation 6:12-17, Isaiah 66:15-16, Zephaniah 3:8

    Revelation 18:3 All the nations have drunk the wine of God’s anger, that is roused by the sins of Babylon...Revelation 17:15. Therefore this will be a worldwide punishment.

    Jeremiah 51:6 & 45 & 50 Flee out of Babylon, each person for themselves or you will perish for its sins, for this is the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath and He is paying her full recompense. My people, come out from her, [The ungodly nations] let everyone save themselves from the fierce anger of the Lord. You that have escaped death, go, do not linger. Remember the Lord from afar and bring to mind your rightful heritage in the holy Land. Zechariah 2:6-7, Ephesians 3:6

    The Lord’s people, those who love Him and keep His commandments, Christians from every race, nation and language, need to save themselves, or they will perish along with the ungodly during the time of ‘the fierce, burning anger of the Lord’. Ezekiel 21:4, Isaiah 26:20-21

    Firstly you must be aware of what is coming and if you hold to beliefs that are unsupported by scripture, such as a ‘rapture’ at this time, then you will be shocked and unprepared for this sudden and terrifying event. Isaiah 30:26 specifically identifies an explosion on the suns surface as what will happen. We will actually have up to 24 hours warning before the arrival of the main superheated mass, so you must get under cover for protection against the high temperatures, powerful winds, earthquakes and tsunamis of that Day. We are told to both: ‘Call on the Name of the Lord’ Joel 2:32, Isaiah 58:9 and also to be proactive by making preparations for this CME. Isaiah 26:20-21
    Then; ‘you that have escaped death’, when the call to go to the holy Land comes, be ready to go by whatever means available to you. Psalms 107, Isaiah 66:18b-21
    Great will be the day when we all live together, in peace and prosperity! Zech. 3:10

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