I’ve started this thread to discuss the identity of the great harlot. Or Babylon the great as described in the book of Revelation.

Particularly for those who believe the RCC or Rome is the harlot spoken of in Rev 17 & 18. Here is your chance to explain “scripturally why you hold that position. Warning we are stressing scripturally.

Anyone else who wishes to submit their position is more than welcome to do so.

I am urging everyone to stay on topic. Don’t derail the thread. And let’s discuss this with open minds to seriously consider the plausibility of each other’s views.

As a mod I will be watching closely for derailments and attitudes needing adjustments. I want to remind everyone to be courteous and respectful to each other since no one has all the answers. But mine do happen to be closer to the truth than anyone else.

With that said …. Into the fray!

I’ve watched many of these threads discussing the ID of the Great Harlot and the many different opinions of which country, city or religion (Rome , Jerusalem, RCC, Islam, etc.) is being depicted by that Great Harlot.

By the way opinion means: a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something: what someone thinks about a particular thing. As opposed to truth meaning: the real facts about something: the things that are true: the quality or state of being true: a statement or idea that is true. “Opinion” does not equal “truth”.

I’m no different and I have my “opinion” (defined as mentioned above) just like everyone else. I have been considering joining in these discussions but have decided for the most it would be better to simply watch and see what others have to say before I put my own plug nickel into the pot and show my hand if motivated to do so.

The main problem I see in most of the opinions presented is although all of them may fit some verses or criteria describing the harlot in Revelation 17 and 18 none of them in my opinion fit all of them. The truth is whoever or whatever the harlot is supposed to represent must meet or fulfill all of them . And so far, no theory has accounted for “ALL” the descriptions she must scripturally meet.

So with that, let me throw out an additional possibility for y’all to consider. I will muddy the waters and a bit more if you will allow me to do so. I’m just putting this out for you to consider … nothing more.

When I began looking into this topic years ago. I started by doing a little research regarding the definition of harlotry. For the most part we (human) define it as forms of sexual activities outside of God’s boundaries of such. But I wanted to see how God defined it and in what contexts or situations He applied the term to.

After looking into it I’ve come to the conclusion the Great Harlot is mankind.