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    Qatar Facts
    Score: 63 / 100
    Region: Middle East
    Persecution Type: Islamic Oppression
    Persecution Level: Very High
    Population: 2,338,000
    Christians: 211,000
    Main Religion: Islam
    Government: Monarchy
    Leader: Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani
    Profile of Persecution
    Violence 49%
    Church Life 84%
    National Life 67%
    Community Life 70%
    Family Life 77%
    Private Life 80%

    Where Persecution Comes From

    Christians in Qatar experience persecution at all levels of society, from the government, local communities and even their own families. Because Islam is the only culturally accepted religion and Sharia law is the standard for daily life, Christians have no place in society. The conservative Wahhabi Islamic norms and customs that define Qatari life are enforced by both the government and ordinary citizens, making it incredibly difficult for Christians who break the mold. Because their worship and customs differ from the norm, these believers are instantly recognizable unless they keep their faith hidden from those around them.

    How Christians are Suffering
    There are two groups of Christians in Qatar who are strictly separated from one another: expatriate Christian migrant workers and converts from Islam to Christianity. The expatriate Christians can only worship publicly at a designated place outside of Doha, the capital city. Proselytization of Muslims is strictly forbidden, resulting in prosecution and banishment from the country. Meanwhile, converts who leave Islam bear the brunt of the persecution, facing immense pressure from their families and local communities to recant their faith. This Christian persecution comes in the form of discrimination, harassment, police monitoring and intimidation by vigilante groups. However, because converts keep their faith hidden, there are hardly ever reports of Christians being killed, imprisoned or harmed for their faith in the country.

    Numerous Christian migrant workers, many of them viewed and treated as slaves, are being tasked with building the stadium for the 2022 FIFA Football World Championship. These workers are struggling to maintain their rights at the hands of crooked business owners.

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    Pray for Qatar

    • Pray with Christian migrant workers, as God gives them opportunities to show the love of Christ to their employers who abuse them.
    • Pray for Christian converts who feel they cannot share their faith with Muslim family members, that they would have wisdom and discernment.
    • Pray that Qataris would be drawn to Christ by whatever means God deems necessary.

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