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    I have had this in the flyleaf of my Bible for years and it has come in handy in speaking with people that doubt their salvation or question their walk with Christ. I post them so that others might find them a blessing and a great tool in their witnessing ministry.

    1. Did Jesus die for me personally?
    2. Did the Saviour fail in His effort to save me?
    3. Did the Saviour blot out my sins? Or did He not?
    4. Are my sins gone or do I still have them?
    5. Do I believe God or doubt Him?
    6. Is it possible that the blood of Christ is not sufficient to save me?
    7. Did I trust Christ and yet God did not give me eternal life?
    8. Do I believe the first half of John 3:16, but not the second half?
    9. Is the Bible true about everyone else except me?
    10. Did the Saviour leave me out of His plan of salvation?
    11. Did the Saviour put away the sins of others and neglect to make provision for me?
    12. Do I want some other Saviour beside Jesus (such as myself)?
    13. Do I want Jesus to do something more to save me?
    14. What did Christ fail to do at Calvary to save me?
    15. Can I believe what the Bible says without any other evidences?
    16. Will I believe the Lord Jesus without any feelings?
    17. Do I want to be saved some other way then by the blood?
    18. Did these questions help you to come to a decision for Christ?

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    Thank you for these words brother, this is something I've needed in this season. Bless you in the name of our Lord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightBearer View Post
    Thank you for these words brother, this is something I've needed in this season. Bless you in the name of our Lord.
    I glad it was helpful for you!

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