Our Standing

Scripture speaks of our standing
“Believers are chosen in Him,”
Our assurance of redemption
And the forgiveness of our sin,

Because we are “Sealed by The Spirit”
We bring God’s message to the lost,
The Gospel of redemption in Jesus
His blood at Calvary the ultimate cost,

Our Saviour has gone on before us
In order to prepare our heavenly home,
Destined to spend eternity with Jesus
No more this world to roam,

Now redeemed from a life of sin
In one accord we praise our risen Lord,
Then with the angels we will worship
The Lamb of God in one accord,

O’ what a wonderful truth
God knew us before we were born,
When a believer passes on
There is no reason for any to mourn.

Today, let us thank The Lord for His promises.
John Joseph Fox.