from 850-800 BC, the kings of Israel and Judah always had the same names at the same times.

So I suspect that the Royal genealogies were redacted, turning single kings of united Israel and Judah into doppelganger twins... Ultimately. Because of the nefarious influences of Jezebel. And a resulting desire to separate out those influences. Relegating them to fictitious Sinful Northern Israelite Kings. So as to maintain an appearance of purity. In Judah in the South.

Please do note that this. Speculation. Has no impact What so ever on the genealogy of Christ As. Listed. And Luke 3.

The tell Dan inscription. Records. Jehoram, Son of Ahab. And Ahaziah son of Jehoram. Using that as a guide I offered the following reconstruction. Of. this speculated original. Royal genealogy. Which I would like to discuss if it's allowed in this forum??

Thanks / apologies in advance