Some claim Revelation unfolds in sequence, each chapter being fulfilled sequentially. They therefore think that the 7 seals occur before the 7 trumpets and before the 7 bowls of wrath. On the contrary I shall show that Revelation contains multiple visions about the Final Tribulation and the Second Coming and Day of the Lord. We can then revisit the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets.

Rev 1 to Rev 3 is a vision of Jesus. Rev 1:7 mentions the second coming. Then Jesus tells John about the 7 churches, but keeps mentioning the second coming here and there.

Rev 4/5 scene in heaven preceding Rev 6/7 the 7 seals (will chat about this later)

Rev 8/9/10/11 are about the 7 trumpets (will chat about this later)

Rev 12 contains 3.5 years of Satans wrath - THE FINAL TRIBULATION

Rev 13 contains 3.5 years of the Beast's reign - THE FINAL TRIBULATION

Rev 14:9-12 is about the second coming. Then the winepress of wrath is mentioned in v17-20 outside Jerusalem. This winepress of wrath is mentioned in Rev 19:15 in second coming context. It is also mentioned in Joel 3, just outside Jerusalem in Jehosaphat, in Day of The Lord context. (SECOND COMING)

Rev 15/16 are about the bowls of wrath, referring to the final battle and final great earthquake (TRIBULATION AND SECOND COMING)

Rev 17/18 are about symbolic Babylon, but even these chapters mention the final beast and the ten horns, showing that the destruction of Babylon occurs during the beast's reign. (TRIBULATION CONTEXT)

Rev 19 is about the second coming (SECOND COMING)

In conclusion then, the book of Revelation does not unfold consecutively as some claim, but contains multiple visions about the tribulation and the second coming. It is often fulfilled SIMULTANEOUSLY and not consecutively, containing various visions about the events before the second coming.