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Thread: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

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    Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    I haven't been to a physical church in over twenty years, but I read the Bible and pray every morning. Looking for a nice place to discuss Bible issues. This one issue that I really would like to discuss with other believers with is the Mandela effect on the Bible, specifically the KJV. I learned about this from youtube. Looking for believers who can carry on a discussion with mutual respect and no drama. I have had many opportunities to share the Gospel with coworkers at my work place. Sharing the Gospel seems to come naturally as I become friends with a coworker or even some person who I meet at the mall where I work. I have learned to live with a broken heart and find peace in Jesus. Leaning on Jesus is mandatory for me to survive and continue to live and do our Father's Will. I have many short comings too. I will stay the course until I can no longer do so. Then my race will be over. I am a firm believer in the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church. And am very much looking forward to it and believe it is more so imminent than it has ever been. So I try to be about my Father's business until death or the rapture, but my hope is to participate in the rapture. I tried to post in the controversial forum but could not because I have to do this I believe first. Hope I can make friends here. Please be a little patient with me. I may make technical mistakes until I get used to things.

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    Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Welcome, Gratefull2him.

    Unfortunately, you won't find many Christians here who believe in the Mandela Effect. We believe that God divinely inspired his written word, the Bible, and that he has preserved it down through the ages and still preserves it. Most here believe he preserved in it many languages and various reputable translations. A few believe God only preserved his word through the King James.

    But none the less, we do not believe that outside and evil forces have altered words in the King James Bible and that that particular Bible reads differently than it did when it was translated.

    I hope you find yourself with a good stay here. Some forums, Controversial, Areopagus, Christians Answer, and a few more require 40 posts before entering those forums.

    Again, welcome to Bible forums.
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    Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Welcome to bibleforums !

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    Cool Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Hello Greatfull, welcome to the forum. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

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    Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Thank you for the info jayne. I'm over the what in the world is this? part of the Mandela effect on the kjv. I look at it this way. Even if the word(s) have been changed, does it change the meaning of the verse. Do the major doctrines of the Bible still stand firm? I look at it like it is a sign from Jesus that He is coming soon. I'm so amazed and disappointed that even my coworkers who say they believe in Jesus.....they can't related to me on a spiritual level. And not things too deep. Like If I say to them on Easter Sunday, The tomb is empty!! They will not know what I'm talking about. There was one believer that caught it immediately, but she no longer works where I work. She kept me on my toes when we talked about the Bible. She was about living the scriptures, not just talking the scriptures. I really am a fan of the KJV. I watched a great video on amazon prime....A Lamp In The Dark and Tares Among The Wheat. I learned so much of how our scriptures were preserved through out history and the sacrifices of the saints....60 million if my memory serves me right. How the KJV was formed. The work that was put into it blew my mind. It was an extensive collaboration of many scripture scholars of that time. I'll have a look around and see if there are forums where I can learn and maybe contribute. Thank you all for making me feel welcome. I really do appreciate it.

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    Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Hello and welcome to BibleForums!
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    Re: Hello. Looking for a place to discuss Bible related issues.

    Hello, Gratefull2HIm. Welcome to the Bible Forums and I hope you have a pleasant time here.
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