"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." (Matthew 5:14)
Pastor Abdalla (pictured) from Aleppo, Syria, and his church have embodied the words of Jesus, bravely choosing to stay behind despite the chaos to be a beacon of light in the darkness. And, thanks to the incredible response to Open Doors' Syria Christmas appeal, they have been empowered to do just that, and are continuing to bring hope, light and life to their community.

Pastor Abdallaís main problem is securing long-term funding. He explained: "Other NGOs are stopping aid throughout Syria and many are suffering." He has heard that banks have stopped transfers and feels that the media doesnít seem to shed much light on the difficult situation citizens must go through. "Time and time again, my church talks about how thankful they are for all the help," he added.

When asked which case in his church touched his heart the most, Pastor Abdalla said that he will never forget the case of a mother of three who struggled when her husband was recruited into the army despite him doing mandatory service in the past. She came up to him one day saying: "Donít think that the little help youíre giving us does nothing. Please thank those who are helping out. It makes a difference."

Pastor Abdalla is truly grateful for help sent from the UK and summed up: "What may appear to be small can have such a big impact on others."

In the midst of political turmoil here in the UK, ask that God would make His church here a beacon of hope to light up the darkness and drive out fear.

  • For Pastor Abdalla and his church, that they may continue to serve and meet the growing needs of their communities
  • That God will provide for and restore all those who are in need in Syria, and those returning to the country to rebuild their lives
  • For God's healing hand over the nation of Syria, that His light will dispell the darkness and His glory will be revealed.