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Thread: Roy Blunt Betrays Missourians

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    Re: Roy Blunt Betrays Missourians

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Mark View Post
    If they start paying taxes. In 2014, the top 50% of earners paid 97.3% of all income taxes while the bottom half paid 2.7% of all income taxes. And there are many that file taxes and get more money back than they paid in taxes through "tax credits".
    I really need to start using an accountant to do my taxes.

    Then again I'm no where near being in the top 50%. I'm so far away I can't even see 'em from here!
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    Re: Roy Blunt Betrays Missourians

    Quote Originally Posted by keck553 View Post
    They are just being them, you know "believe" in Unicorns, fairy dust and happy people with no responsibilities...when they grow up and find out the world doesn't mete out participation awards and when they start paying real taxes, that'll change.
    Yeah.. There dreams of a free ride will get crushed with great malice. This makes me appreciate my father being so tough on me.

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